What are the Potential Disadvantages of Salary Sacrifice Agreements?

Learn the disadvantages of salary sacrifice

What are Salary Sacrifice Contributions? As previously mentioned, in a salary sacrifice arrangement, you agree to reduce your gross salary in return for certain benefits. These benefits might include things like a company car, childcare vouchers, or additional pension contributions. These arrangements can be quite attractive, as the benefits you receive are often exempt from […]

7 Tax Strategies to Reduce Taxable Income

Tax Strategies to Reduce Taxable Income

Waiting the entire year to complete your return is not necessarily the best strategy to follow when it comes to tax. Never fear, though – in this blog, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about taxable income, your obligations and how to prepare in advance.  Ultimately, tax planning should be done continuously throughout the […]

7 Ways on How to Reduce Taxable Income for Individuals

reduce taxable income individuals

Only thinking about tax once a year isn’t going to do you any favours. Effective tax planning should be continuous throughout the year if you intend to reduce your amount of tax liability. Financial planning around your tax benefits any income earner and should be included in your overall investment strategy. If you’re interested in […]