Small Business Guide: Checklist to Conquer the End of Financial Year

financial year

As we get closer to the financial year’s end, small businesses across Australia need to get their ducks in a row. A stressful season without the right preparation can burn you out and may leave you in a delightful mess of paperwork and bookkeeping.  This is your one-stop guide to prepare for the end of […]

Instant Asset Write-Off: Buying a Car Through Your Business

couple buying new car for dealership

As a small business owner in Australia, you always look for ways to streamline your operations, increase efficiency, save money, and grow your business. One of the common hurdles you might face on this journey could be travelling for business meetings or delivering goods and services. But have you considered buying a car for business […]

Negative Gearing: What it is and How it Works

ngeative gearing

Before you delve into the world of investment properties, it helps to look for any tools or strategies that will give your portfolio an edge. As you review your options, there’s one term you’ll likely come across more often than not – ‘negative gearing’. Mixed opinions circulate about its implications, advantages, and potential pitfalls. In […]

A Beginner’s Guide to the Liquidation Business Process

out of business

In order to succeed in business, you must understand all its aspects, including those that are less appealing. And given the current economic climate, many companies are having to rethink their strategies, with some considering liquidation as a last resort when all other options have been exhausted.  While liquidation is never the prefered outcome, it […]

Contractor vs Employee: Which is Better?

contractor vs employee

Understanding the differences between an employee and a contractor can initially seem daunting, especially with all of Australia’s complex legislation governing employment relationships.  But don’t worry. We’re here to guide you through the specifics and break down precisely what sets them apart.  The Definition of Contractor vs Employee in Australia The Australian law outlines specific […]

The 4 Different Types of Businesses in Australia

types of businesses in australia

The 4 Different Types of Businesses in Australia Understanding Australia’s four types of businesses is imperative for anyone looking to tap into its diverse and dynamic business landscape.  The country offers a wide range of opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors alike. But before embarking on any business venture in this promising land, it’s crucial to […]

What Should You Include in an Employment Contract (Australia)?

Employment contracts

In every successful business, there is a fundamental piece of the puzzle: the employees.  These individuals, with their unique skills and contributions, form the beating heart of your operation. They drive your business forward, infusing their talent and passion into your products and services. One of the pivotal tools that serve to guide this dynamic […]

Benefits of Tax Planning for Small Businesses

Tax Planning

Understanding tax regulations can be challenging, especially when you’re a small business owner juggling many responsibilities. From overseeing daily operations to ensuring customer satisfaction, you have much on your plate.  On top of that, the reality of taxes inevitably comes into play. You might often hear people emphasise the importance of tax planning and advise […]

Single Touch Payroll (STP): Revolutionising Payroll Management

In the not-so-distant past, Australian business owners like you faced the laborious task of manually reporting payroll information to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). The annual reporting burden was time-consuming and often took up valuable resources, hindering efficiency and productivity. Recognising these challenges, the ATO introduced Single Touch Payroll (STP), a system devised to simplify […]