Five Asset Protection Strategies You Need To Know Now

Asset Protection

Many people underestimate the importance of putting asset protection strategies. In a majority of cases, their ability to safeguard their most prized possessions is left until it’s too late. More than ever before, life is bringing uncertainty for all of us, and unexpected events can occur at any time, meaning there’s always the potential for […]

7 Tax Strategies to Reduce Taxable Income

Tax Strategies to Reduce Taxable Income

Waiting the entire year to complete your return is not necessarily the best strategy to follow when it comes to tax. Never fear, though – in this blog, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about taxable income, your obligations and how to prepare in advance.  Ultimately, tax planning should be done continuously throughout the […]

The Difference Between Employees & Contractors

difference between employee and contractor

Whether someone is an employee or a contractor at a company will depend on the relationship between the individual and the employer.  While the two are fairly similar, the difference between employees and contractors come into play regarding things like tax, superannuation contributions, payment and employment laws. Therefore, whether you’re the employer, or the worker, […]